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Film Reviews for Rainy Days : Boyhood|The Purge 2

July 29, 2014

Say bye bye to Paris Plage and hello to the dark rooms around the corner. No, it’s not your daily dose of Le Depot, but more like a movie cinema filled with frustrated locals. After all, nothing says parisian summer better than a rainy day in. Lucky for you, the options are plenty and are good.


First off, Boyhood. A movie that took Linklaker  more than 12 years of production, but it will only take you 2hours to realize the beauty of life with a captial L. Although the acting skills of our actors get a bit rusty at times and seeing the blue eyed baby boy grow year after year after year till a hormone full teenager getting in college will only make you start reminscing of your childhood and questioning your life. The cherry on the top? The late 90s references (from Aaliya’s iconic Try Again blurring out in the bowling center to the X box Golden Eye hysteria) are down to a T. Don’t be fooled by the casualness  and familiarity of it all, there is great character development and it takes a real genius to turn a project so complex seem so effortless.


Second in line, social commentary turns into gory horror in The Purge 2. If you loved the concept of purging once a year as a gratitude to an economical system that seems to work (at least on the surface) in the first movie but craved for more in your face agressive scenes then this splatter movie is for you. This time around, the gap between the very helpless poor and the very richy rich kids of the block becomes even bigger, with the latter joining hunting parties and auctioning people like they were vintage pradas. Despite the occasional, unconfortable cliches and storytelling, the movie passes great critisicm on US gun culture. Cudos to the mask choices that will make you sleepless at night.







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