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Spring It Back: Best Of SS2015

June 30, 2014

 It was lights, camera, spring! in the latest menswear collections that didn’t hesitate to put on a show in order to impress those boys. Following a rather blunt FW2014, spring seems to be back with designers craving for more, more, more!

From Comme des Garcons make-love-not-war cool statement pieces, Prada’s return to denim basics and Rick Owen’s homage to ballet heros, inspiration seemed to go with the flow. But certain did make the sartorial cut just a bit better..


1/ Raf Simons gave us NASA realness with artist Ruby for a second time in a row, but his instagram primaries had us screaming for more. Personal memorabilia seemed to be a reccuring theme this season.


2/ After a quite dissapointing retrospective at Arts Decoratifs, Dries strikes back with harnessed boys in ballet shoes showing skin in an effortlessly romantic way.


3/ Kris made crayola chic look cool again printed on all kinds of denim. A rather playful take on Dior that has commercial success written all over it.


4/For the past seasons, among all designers Riccardo has managed to create the clearest brand vision with a clear urban vibe that seems to still entice boys from the hood. This time around, his floral sportwear met favela chic girls with Isabeli and the comeback of Adriana.


5/Kim Jones travel memoires have once again managed to look cool (although often flirting with Missoni heritage) and to elevate LV in a brand desirable beyond ostentatious mode of bourgeois consumerism. And it works.


6/JW Anderson has always flirted with androguny. This time around, his damsel in distress looked put together and with a sartorial view that would appeal beyond the eclectic minority of his audience.

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