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Under the Skin: A film review

June 29, 2014


Warning: Do not watch if you are expecting to see a science fiction film, a sensationally nude Scarlet Johansson or a one dimensional story telling Sunday movie.

Cause Glazer’s latest movie (loosely adapted on Faber’s book) is not a go see film as much for the movie lovers, as for the art lovers. Cause unlike his fellow utopic directors (like Kubrick, Von Trier, Lynch etc) Glazer manages to alienate the viewer even more from any sort of rational, linear narration.

After all, the magic comes to life through beautiful nature morte scenes, element superposition and daunting musical sounds somewhere in Scotland, flirting constantly between reality and fantasy. And the casting selection is down to a T, as who better to incarnate an alien among the average hometown people, than a A list bombshell Scarlett. Cold, ruthless and distant as much as the opening birth scene a la Kubrick, Scarlett manages to show the evolution of self discovery throughout her killing journey, whether through a simple act of tasting a chocolate cake or by being penetrated for the very first time.

Finally, for all the wondering, recurring motor drives look no further: Leo Carax had us running after machines in Holy Motors a couple of years ago. It was alien then and it’s still alien today.

For all the rest, sit back, relax and enjoy a movie that is better enjoyed at the comfort of one’s home. If impatient to long shots and irrational mood vibes, this movie will have you craving for the nearest exit.



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