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We Need to Talk About Hair: From Fairytale to Hairytale

May 10, 2014


Bush is back. No, we are not talking about annoying political figures of the past. We are talking real blown out hairy bushes. And armpits. And facial hair. And hairy butts that don’t lie. Seriously. From Brooklyn, to Berlin and beyong the Canal, boys with hairy toys are filing those hipster bars. Girls outside the L world are letting it grow. And men from the City dare to bare a 3 day beard sans hesitation. And believe it or not, they are not alone.

Madonna instagramed about it, American Apparel flaunted it on their windows, Eurovision crowned it and too cool for school media sources such as Nowness and Holiday magazine or even too bore to explore Huffington Post obsessed over it on their latest issues.

Maybe it’s a normal (r)evolution. After the epidemic of HIV awareness, plastic barbies and even more plastic condoms redefined fashion and beauty. The austerity of Calvin Klein 90s silhouttes somehow goes hand in hand with the austerity of a hairless, ephebe body. Today, the plastic, barbie looking role models are officially back in the closet of the early naughties.

Call it  a statement of sexual liberation beyond stereotypes, a statement of political revenge from vintage feminists, or even a revamp of that 70s show, but don’t call it maybe. After all, hair is here to stay.

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