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Gerontophilia, Her, Eastern Boys & other love films

April 22, 2014


Gay, for pay or simply on a future day, these movies are living proof that in today’s world we are here to love and lust without borders, limits or taboos. Blame it on the narcissistic me myself and I society that is one the one hand responsible for the overflood of self centered selfies and on the other hand the perfect platform to make any clandestine fantasies approved. And most of the times, the result is movingly beautiful or at the very least beautifully bizarre enough to watch.

Gerontophilia: Old is the new young in the latest film by controversial Bruce LaBruce, portraying love without botox. Teenage eye candy meets vintage queer. Visually and accoustically exciting with its downfall being the limiting acting skills of a more often than not poor cast.

Her: Newly moustached Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his android, husky perfect voice (Scarlett Johansson) in a future a bit too realistic to be called science fiction. Human love gets a 2.0 upgrade and it’s worth downloading every single byte.

Eastern Boys: A gare du nord dodgy rencontre turns into a belami love affair without papers. The camera choice and down to earth acting contributes to a rather realistic, quite sad portrayal of forbidden love with eastern boys.



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