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19/20 Remember, Remember The Trend of Movember

November 8, 2013


Thick, long and excessively hairy.  No it’s not what you think (The very furry Fendi accesories, what else?!). It’s the month of the moustache. And it’s for a good cause: time to raise awareness for the big C (c for testicular cancer, but of course).

So boyish men, mennish boys and even tomboy girls (the amount of girls with drawed in moustache is excessive blame it to Rihanna) have been flooding the streets in style. Undoubtedly, it’s not the easiest of looks (after all the references somewhere between old porn, Mario bros and even Salvador Dali are plenty) however it adds an instant touch of je ne sais quoi character.

And to the cause of the moustache many have tried, but many have failed. The best man in town to watch is Francois Verkerk, a model turn personna turned dandylicious. His signature look has been the talk of boystown for quite a while now and why shouldnt it be? He perfectly encapsulates the perfect man: stylish, romantic with a hint of virility and a touch of twisted. Enjoy.






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