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17/20 Listen Now: Donatella, Mary Jane Holland & Other Gaga Stories

November 6, 2013


An early leak of the latest Gaga album means Youtube is already flooding with gagalicious songs. On a first round of listening, it is crystal clear that finally Gaga got her fame monster groove back with songs reminescent of her original golden days. Whether or not it’s an album that came too late for the Mother Monster (after all Born This Way was never appreciated the same way as her previous work) will be judged sooner than expected.

In an era where the music scene is dominated by Lorde’s moody vocals and Miley’svery pop, very now and very over the top youth it will be a real revelation to see whether the mass will once again put their paws up for Gaga.

Here is a breakdown of the songs that make ArtPop the album it is today:

1: Aura – Muslim inspired culture fused with exotic sounds with a quite haunting repetitive laugh yet a killer bridge

2: Venus – Intergalactic retro fabulous

3: G.U.Y – Addictive androgynous sounds to listen on repeat

4: Sex Dreams – Kylie inspired softcore with a good mood

5: Jewels & Drugs – Niggas in Paris gone Gaga – not necessary

6: MANiCURE – dynamic, punky, one of the best in the album

7: Do What U Want – 90s are back in a retro groove

8: ArtPop – soft that conveys gaga’s new obsession marry music and art

9: Swine – a bit too electric, good when on drugs

10: Donatella – pure dirty pop with Donatella plastic sounds cant go wrong

11: Fashion! – A bit too soft for an addictive habit like fashion!

12: Mary Jane Holland – very Rupaul

13: Dope – Depression galore sounding Gaga

14: Gupsy – Yet another ballad song

15: Applause – Classic yet not her best in the album

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