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16/20 It’s Official: Ghesquiere Gone Vuitton

November 5, 2013


It was goodbye Marc Jacobs and hello Nicolas Ghesquiere earlier this week at the iconic French house that made logomania hot again. The visionary (at least pre Wang era) behind Balenciaga, a brand that thanks to him became synonymous with futuristic cuts (those neo warrior floral dresses or those oversized nun hats), minimalistic attitude and excellent mix of primary colors (who can ever forget those lego shoes) is about to create a whole new era for Louis Vuitton.

In line with his predecessor, the ever joyful ever quircky yet more often than not ever dark Jacobs, Nicolas will hopefully bring to the brand a very the-future-is-now feel with iconic moments of fashion (oh those space invaders jumpers) that can infuse Vuitton with the relevance that’s been missing over the past seasons.

After all, just like Jacobs, Ghesquiere has a religion of his very own and just like a fashion prayer, his sartorialist skills will recruit more and more followers..

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  1. April 18, 2014 01:14

    Keepp onn writing, ցreat job!

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