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15/20 Scream It Like It’s Hot: Top 10 Horror Movies

October 31, 2013


Nothing says Happy Halloween better than a good old marathon of scary movies. Whether it’s a classic Mike Myers horror, a  slasher movie extraordinaire by Rob Zombie, a Human Centipede distorted creation or just a cam recored V/H/S, it’s your call. Horror is an integral, very primitive, very dark and very primitive part of the human psyche that will increase your andrenaline one way or another. Here’s a personal top 10 list (mostly  human based as the supernatural never rang my bell):

1. Halloween (original): There’s something about the combo of a nanny, the american suburbs and a guy with a mask that’s inexplicably chilling

2. I Spit On Your Grave:  Cause after all revenge (following an intensly bruttal rape scene) is a dish best served cold.

3. Hostel: A good reason to invest in miles and more, never do trains in Eastern Europe.

4. Motel: Simple yet straight to the point and very effective to create the right amount of suspense

5. Chainsaw Massacre: Whether it’s the old version, the beginning or a 3D viewing,  the sound of a chainsaw is inevitably scary

6. A l’interieur: A pregrancy is always a sensitive matter, the movie is all about the final scenes

7. Cabin In The Woods: Satire and horror done in a very smart way

8. House of Wax: Iconic Paris Hilton million dollar scene

9. Wolf Creek: True Australian story. No words necessary.

10. Straw Dogs: With two regulation hotties like Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden, anything goes

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