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14/20 Defying Guaron’s Gravity: A Movie Review

October 28, 2013




A visual sensation that proves that 3D has indeed some other value, other than giving you a headache after the first 15 minutes of the movie. Somewhere in outer space, Sandra Bullock is going through a modern day odyssey, struggling for survival and facing multiple traumatizing challenges. Neverteheless, the plot does lose its impact sometime after her tenth obstacle that she somehow manages to overcome yet another time.

On the plus side, the visual execution of it all is breathtaking, especially when seen on a big screen. The movie is injected with brilliant embryotic references (see her fetal position, the ambilical cordlike rope, the underwater experience) that make the movie intriguing  to decode. The silence and the loneliness of space is perfectly captured in some of the scenes, making all forms of humanity seem unimportant in front of an endless galactic dessert.

Somehow, out there, the message is crystal clear: you only get to appreciate down to earth pleasures and put life in perspective, only when far far away.

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