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13/20 From Nada to Gaga

October 27, 2013


The past week has been an intense one for the queen of pop extravagance and leader of outfit shock extraordinaire that was quite on the down low for a while now. In her insatiable desire for fame (after all who to blame? in our day and age being a fame whore is a common trait for everyone) Gaga went Gaga once again with outfits that reaffirmed her skills as an entertaining showgirl.

From Cabaret’s take on Dali, nymph nude or spongebob realness she still knows how to get all eyes on her. The question among her critics’ lips is whether her explosive wardrobe is nothing more than an effort to cover up for an upcoming musical deficit called ArtPop or just plain old Gaga.

In any case, she has managed to provoke, evoke and redefine all stereotypes when it comes to beauty, music and a thing that’s called pop art. For all the rest, you can do what you want with her body. After all, earlier today, she let us know she’s from a very Rupaul inspired Venus.

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