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12/20 But..Is it Art? Moments at FIAC 2013

October 26, 2013


Nothing screams culture more than a Saturday stroll in a fall edition of FIAC. Under the roof of Grand Palais you ll find it all: Anish Kappor iconic drops, multiple references to Marina Abramovic, quotes that will instantly fill your facebook wall (You loved me like a distant star), Ron Mueck’s replicates of women on the floor, broken mirrors, Pikatsu, gay nudes and a fast food interpretation, all side by side. It’s the place to see and be seen, from art students, to art lovers to fashion victims and beyond.

However, the problem with such fairs is that for the eye of the ordinary beholder (and not for the gallery seeking expert that tends to spend more than a day) it’s entertainment. Pure visual stimulation for some minutes or some hours. And most of the galleries fall in the trap of amusing their audience. Bigger is better, but not necessarily deeper. Most of the crowd is sufficient at instagramming the life out of oversized sculptures like the adorable wooden creature of KAWS, giving rude faces to the viewer who is trying to study the message.

After all, maybe McLuhan was right, the medium is the message. But at least, it exposes everyone to a little piece of heaven called art. And that’s all it matters.


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