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11/20 New Model Law: The Age Of It All

October 23, 2013


Whether it’s underaged blogger-turned-actress Tavi Gevinson, Beckham’s boy wonder in Burberry, Wang’s little niece-turned-Instagram obsession in mini Chanel bags, the message is loud & young: Young is the new young. However earlier today, a new law was officially signed (and which brought tears to the dramatical, theatrical, dance afficionado Coco Rocha) that implies the following for models under 18:

• A responsible person will be designated to monitor the activity and safety of each child performer under the age of 16 in the workplace.

• Employers must provide a nurse with paediatric experience as well as health-and-safety information.

• An education requirement decrees that employers must provide teachers and a dedicated space for instruction.

• A financial trust must be established by a child model’s parent or guardian into which an employer must transfer at least 15 per cent of the child’s gross earnings.

Time will only tell whether this law will really take place. After all, the fashion industry is infamous for finding ways in getting around beauty stereotyping (skinny is still hot on the runway last time we checked). And maybe Marc Jacobs, who although member of the CFDA team and big fan on recruting younger than sweet sixteen, will stop purposefully delaying his shows way beyond midnight.

Until then, cheers to yet another round of Botox..

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