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9/20 Tom Ford’s Beauty for Men – Narcissus Extraordinaire

October 19, 2013


Tom Ford is really one if these men, that although openly and vibrantly gay still manages to seduce both sexes, with equally both levels of estrogen and testosterone craving for him. And this on its own is a good proof that life as Tom Ford is good.

Having had an amazing success so far as a designer (whether under Gucci or doing his very own clothing line that is often associated to exurberant luxury that one would die to afford), director (who would forget his Single Man debut) or even as a model (we all loved him in those provocatively raunchy editos or his often misogynist approach), he is also doing exceptionally good in beauty.

Because he knows luxury and understands the importance of beauty, he is now expanding into men’s territory. And why shouldn’t he? However, his latest campaign (that surprisingly enough doesnt star himself or boytoy Jon Kortajarena) feels more didactical than aspirational, reducing men to simplistic, animalistic creatures that can’t tell their mattifying cream from their night moisturizer apart.

Often being the center of his campaigns or at least using male models that have a similar allure as him, really brings out the best of a modern day Narcissus to life. And we do love him for this. Let’s see if he will be able to af-Ford an ongoing narcissistic story for long, especially when talking to those men.

(This post is part of The Beauty Issue- 20 days of beauty/October 2013)

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