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7/20 Is Blue the Warmest Color?

October 13, 2013


A movie that has managed to raise both praise (see all the Cannes awards) and controversy (director’s sadistically meticulous character/ film banned in Idaho for its explicit scenes) and that is based on the story of Adele, a young teenage girl in full discovery of her sexuality and more specifically her desire for that blue colored girl, played by none other than Lea Seydoux and inspired by the french comic Blue Angel.

When it comes to the direction of the film, zoomed in portraits of the characters manage to capture the raw, uncultivated, untamed and almost banal beauty of Adele, with a particular focus on her mouth: the source of pleasure whether it’s eating home cooked pasta, aphrodisiac oysters or another girl’s mouth down under. Of course the scenes of the whole controversy have nothing new to offer to an oversaturated world of images where porn is being served as much as fast food. Despite an effort of making the love scenes feel warm and natural, they end up feeling more poised, forced and distantly cold.

All in all, the movie, despite its unnecessary length that waters down the overall impact, does have some good intense scenes with great moments of acting, especially in the face of devastated lovers. Whether or not it brought something new to the queer cinema is still to be seen.

What is certain is that it’s always interesting to show how the grass is far from beeing greener on the other side of our pink planet. And how blue, the color of melancholy, is representative of life: a marriage of warm and cold moments of happiness and sadness.

(This post is part of The Beauty Issue- 20 days of beauty/October 2013)

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