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6/20 Dip Dying Into Fall Season

October 12, 2013


You know it’s officially the beginning of fall/winter, when oversized vintage coats are replacing those washed out denim shirts, bare legs are being covered by grungy tights from the Slimane era and those summer dip dyed lengths are covered into winter colors.

Long gone are the days where Parisian girls were saying a big non to color. Just a saturday walk in the Marais and the parisian youth is going head over heels (or shall i say kitten heels and thigh high boots) over some grungy rock & roll colors, sponspored mostly by iconically rebellious brands such as Manic Panic and Crazy Colors.  And why shouldn’t they? After all, coloring the lenghts is a fresh way to revisit your ombrés and revisit your fall look by adding the necessary grunge obsess tone of the season.

And remember: color 101 has taught us that color will always pop more on bleached hair. So bleach your heart out before, cause coloring your life into this season’s look is just a dip dye away.

(This post is part of The Beauty Issue- 20 days of beauty/October 2013)

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