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5/20 Who Runs This (Model) World?

October 9, 2013

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Although male models are far more popular in late night fantasies and erotic dreams and contribute significally to the role model husband or lover that every single girl and sexually ambiguous boy on planet earth is dreaming of, they are not worth enough. According to the latest Forbes at least. According to today’s article, the top 10 male models barely combined 8 million in earnings the past year, compared to a gigantic 83 million for the female glamazons. Interestingly enough, fashion, for all its controversy and obsession with the new and different ends up, (as any other industry) falling under the ageless subject of the gender gap where discrimination hits the boys.

Some have already tried ,but so far with no success, other ventures such as acting with small cameo appearances (who would forget Jon Kortajarena’s pop up moment in Ford’s Single Man as a male prostitute or Noah Mills in SATC 2 opening wedding sex scene – he did lay concrete after all!). It’s really a pity for all those poor little pretty boys and obviously a lack of strategic vision of how to capitalize on their moneymaker body and face.

From money not to smoking hot, here is the list:

1. Sean O’Pry – $1.5M

2. David Gandy – $1.4M

3. Simon Nessman – $1.1M

4. Arthur Kulkov – $905K

5. Noah Mills – $740K

6. Ryan Burns – $610K

7. Tyson Ballou – $425K

8. Ollie Edwards – $410K

9. Jon Kortajarena – $290K

10. Tobias Sorensen – $265K

(This post is part of The Beauty Issue- 20 days of beauty/October 2013)


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