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2/20 Ten Moments of InstaBeauty 2014

October 6, 2013

pfw jesuswassize0

It has been less than a week that PFW is over, however the halo effect on the beauty trends and routines is here to stay. After all, with all of us having got a quick glimpse in beauty’s near future, it’s quite hard to concentrate on the now. And instagram’s backstage action is always a good and quick way to capture the zeitgeist in an instant. So what’s next?

1.The new face of arty Chanel. Watercolor makeup has never felt so cool.

2. Fendi’s fur fetish has thrived for yet another season changing fur from a faux pas to a faux must.

3. The Givenchy glitter masks gave a very tribal vibe, however slightly reminiscent of the Margiela gem masks that Kanye has been obsessing over.

4. All the feather action at Louis Vuitton made us want to see Jacobs’ peacock more than ever.

5. Anthony Vaccarello’s cat eyed Malgosia Bela will be a sure Parisian hit.

6. Rodarte’s sauvage hair prints should be a city essential for the summer nights in the urban jungle of NYC.

7. Nothing said more Star War cult realness, than McQueen’s helmet effect

8. Flaunting your money is a must for the Gabbana duo but maybe less for the Greeks and Italians in crisis.

9. Luxury to a new level thanks to Jasun Wu’s mini water bottles.

10. The end of Cara?  Her funny yet quite frankly overdone faces should be put to an end

(This post is part of The Beauty Issue- 20 days of beauty/October 2013)

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