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1/20 Nail Psychology 101 & How To Nail It!

October 4, 2013


In a world of images and a surplus of symbols, every little bit of you can and will be interprated by others in one million directions. And nails are an important part of this. Once a useless body accessory, it soon became cult and nail bars were popping here and there, often replacing your Sunday afternoon therapy session with Mr Freud by a 15 minute appointment with the friendly non local manicurist next door.

Nowadays, nails equal power to your fingertips. Seduction, authority, sophistication, authenticity or even innocence can be judged by just a quick look at your tips. After all, nothing screams sex more than red on pale skin or mass market creativity better than a nail art piece of the mondrian reference. In a V mag interview, Gaga summed up the importance of nail care and art quite well: you’ll be ready for sex or to put a penis in your hand.

And a quick nail semiology that Barthes could most probably reject in a nail minute:

nude jesuswassize0

Nude: Non chalant, casual, understated, tranpsarent, not afraid to be natural

nail pop jesuswassize0

Color: Bold, in the mood to party, struggling for originality, enthousiasticGLAM JESUS

Glam: Dominating, eager to provoke, in seduction mode

So before you color up, nude down or glam up your tips think twice: Every brush, every nail is nothing less than one step closer in exposing you.

(This post is part of The Beauty Issue- 20 days of beauty/October 2013)

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