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A Very Vuitton Finale: Au Revoir Marc Jacobs

October 2, 2013

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Today it was a historic day for fashion. Not only because it’s officially the very last day of PFW, but because it was the very last show that Marc Jacobs did for Louis Vuitton. And as always, he did it in the most grandiose of ways, a proper sartorial au revoir that only this American genius could have done. It was a show of all shows, mixing the best of what this collaboration brought to the fashion world.

You had it all: Logos from Stephen Sprouse, a romantica noir vibe that felt very urban, references to the deco attitude that felt very Louis Vuitton, elements reminiscent of amazing shows (see the escalators, elevators and all Jacobs’ interpretation of Parisian decadence). The show started with an instant moment of history in the making: Eddie Campbell naked, exposed, provocatively Jacobs. In chains, a symbol of esclavage that was also a very smart way of showing his eventual liberty. This kind of dichotomy and struggle was evident throughout the show: on the one had, Jacobs’ inner Showgirl gave us feathers, fountains and flesh, whereas the dark, heavy embroidery showed us an aspect for a mourning, black heart.

After all, is exactly this yin and yang that he brought to the Louis Vuitton brand. That little twist that made a boring old brand, a very influential, very now, very artistic and after all a very commercially successful brand. One thing is for sure, Jacobs will be long missed.

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