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30/30 Ain’t No Saint, Laurent!

September 30, 2013


Slimane has somewhat become the official enfant terrible of the fashion college. Even though he never does his homework, he’s always late and inappropriately stubborn he somehow ends up being the most popular of his class, not necessarily because of his performance but cause of his attitude. And that’s what Slimane has to offer to the Saint Laurent maison: a non chalant, rebel yet still parisian attitude that fashion victims throughout the globe are dying to get their hands on.

For this season, story is the same. Saint Laurent girl is very London inspired (maybe Camden) that visits Paris once in a while and is still a raging teenager by the looks of it. Is not really a praise on sartorial performance (Aicker), a redefinition of feminity (Prada) or even a fresh new eye (see Puglisi), it’s just cool. Great styling lessons given by Slimane and ready to be copied in an instant by the masses.

Following the tartan craze (just look at the incoming street style flux), the red lips, the glitz and an all cool le smoking version are the ones to copy. Something tells me that the Zaras, H&Ms and Topshops of the world have already made their orders. It would be interesting to see just how far he can push the banal enveloppe, making everyone fall for neocouture trash.

After all, it seems to be just about some dash and cash.

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