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29/30 Celine’s Stroke of Genius?

September 29, 2013


Sunday and Phoebe Philo strikes back. Literally. This season, Celine’s catwalk was full of paint strokes applied on coats, separates and dresses and even customized on the  models’ eyebrows. It’s the first season ever where Celine is so artistically colourful and slightly more extravagant than usual. Although certain use of primary colors and their combination was a bit too reminiscent of Miuccia’s extraordinary show, the result today was still beautiful.

Unlike Prada, the feminine silhouettes have been replaced by the typical architectural lines that Philo has introduced us to for quite a while now. The coats, as always, were ever so intriguing to look at, with cobalt blue being quite dominant throughout the show.

Whether it was a stroke of genius or a stroke of copycat, it doesn’t matter. What it does matter is this fashion result that is imitating art in the most sincere of ways. And that on its own, is absolutely beautiful.

(29/30 This post is part of The September Issue 30 days, 30 posts)

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