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23/30 Dolce Gabbana & The Greek Irony Of It All

September 23, 2013


There is nothing more entertaining than seeing a fashion interpretation of Greece come to life. Of course, the whole thing becomes even more entertaining when this is done by the italian duo that currently happens to be in trial for tax evasion (true story). What’s more, one of the key pieces of the collection is worn by an Asian model, despite the fact that the Economist and other financial are all about the Chinese empire expanding over Greece.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, it is a very smart, tongue in cheeck way to show that you are currently going through a crisis period. And this time is not only financial. It is also creative. Dolce & Gabbana have been doing prints for quite a while now and although this season the Sicilian and italian dynasty is been replaced by ancient ruins somewhere in Greece, the outcome feels the same. Over and over again. The only thing that did feel refreshing in this collection is the floral hints reminiscent of a traditional greek flower (amygdalia) that was beautifully printed in separate tops and dresses and added a whole new level of Athenian romanticism here and there. Here’s hoping that the crisis will soon be over for both the country and the artistic duo.  For all the rest, we will always have Paris.

23/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts





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