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21/30 Le Street C’est Chic

September 21, 2013


Although many have constantly critisized the uprising phenomenon of “street style” as the demise of couture and the commercialisation of fashion as the end of art, there is something undoubtedly entertaining in the streets of the fashion capitals.

Humour, extravaganza and flirting with the cameras is really something that comes across throughout this season and of course Tommy Ton, the guru of street style photography, is somewhere around the corner to capture it. It’s this playful, lighthearted spirit that donne envie to people, making them eager to experiment with fashion, prints and styles.

All you need is a big wallet, a big hairstyle and an even bigger desire to be part of this crazy world. So put on your best seasonal accesories (from the ironic Lanvin necklaces to the i spy kenzo eyes and burberry preppy hearts to colette printed tees) mixed with the best of vintage (furs, parkas, converse anything goes)  cause the (street) show must go on. After all, le street, c’est chic!

21/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts

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