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7/30 Let There Be Nude (Boys) by Terry Richardson

September 7, 2013


While everyone in fashion is frantically running around New York Fashion Week searching what to wear for next Spring (so far few designers have showcased their collections), it’s the perfect day to focus on the exact opposite of clothes: nudity. Fashion says time to dress up girls? i say dress down the boys. After all, the body is still revatilized from the long gone summer holidays, with some level of flirtatious hormones running through the core of your body. So, instead of going fashion bold, go nude. Nude can be naturally beautiful, simply extraordinary.

Wearing the best of  you it all it takes. Feeling good in your own skin can be much more appealing than the snake skin sur mesure bag that you ordered from Lanvin or yet another Birkin bag that you are still waiting in line for. So what are we waiting for? Let There Be Nude (Boys). From Jon Kortajarena, to Sean O Pry and tattoo chic Cole Mohr to Ahmad’s teddy looks, here are the hottest boys right now.





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