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6/30 Madonna, Steven Klein & The Power of Visual Seduction

September 6, 2013


No matter how old, she ll always be around. And yes, people will still care. This time around, it is none other than the ageless Madonna who got Steven Klein to coproduce and direct the teaser trailers (see below all 3) for her upcoming secret project, launching September 24th.

The ambiance? Klein 101 meets V for Vendetta. Black and white, S&M inspired sets, troubled minds, disturbingly eye catching visuals and political infused propaganda. Videos -that could  easily be the prelude of Gaga’s take on Alejandro or straight of a Roitfeld styled edito- leave the viewer visually tantalized. However what about the cause? Madonna’s latest teaser, reveals the website artforfreedom, assuming that this project will be yet another effort to link art to a greater cause. So far, so bad, with the only clue being a manifesto of cliche sentences about democracy, race and religion all merged in one, that felt even less current than Express Yourself back in the 80s.

Had it not been for Klein’s visually intriguing mood, this project would be doomed. And that makes you wonder: When did we stop caring about the content and we accepted that the medium became officially the message?

(6/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts)

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