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5/30 Miley Cyrus & The Indisputable Power of Twerking

September 5, 2013


Once upon a time, Hannah Montana cut off her golden locks, put on her highest heels and bent over the way any self respecting prostitute, Hollywood (or not) socialite or typical gay guy on a Saturday night would. Unfortunately for her, there was a stage, a camera, Robin Thicke in a Beettlejuice inspired suit and millions of viewers thirsty for a show. And thus, twerking was born (or more precisely reborn, as it’s a term that’s been around since the 90s) and Miley Cyrus became  the girl who #twerked at VMAS. Although everyone is judging her latest interview where she claimed she made “history”, the way other queens did (Britney, Madonna, Christina to name a few), I say stop. Stop and think.

This is a world of image and no content, the same world that made Maru the cat as famous as Albert Einstein. So, if anything, she knows how to play the game. She made everyone talk about her and most probably she ll be selling some more of her soft pop music. No talent, but full of image, youth and unlimited sense of provocation is a recipe that so far has worked great for her. And fashion seems to agree. Terry Richardson, Marc Jacobs and even Riccardo are among the few that have actually embraced this Hannah Montana gone rogue look. And why shouldn’t they?

Sex and craziness will always sell. You just have to know how and when to twerk it right.. 

(5/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts)

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