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4/30 Pattinson Gone Dior & The Rise of The New Cliché?

September 4, 2013


For this season, Dior Parfum finally got a facelift, or more precisely got bit by the seductive vampire extraordinaire Robert Pattinson.  The brand’s strategy screams loud and clear, recruit those young and beautiful boys. And so far so good.

However, there is something disturbingly déjà vu about yet another Hollywood boytoy in a black&white mood of seduction with a fading blond (in this case Camille Rowe), while Led Zeppelin is blurring out that the young rebel inside of you is still there. The thing is, Pattinson can indeed act (see Cosmopolis) so his gloomy yet seductive talent (or whatever you call it) goes to waste.  As a result, in stark contrast with some very intringuingly artistic campaigns that the maison Dior has created (Lady Dior by John Cameron Mitchell, Jude Law by Guy Richie or even the ever whimsical and mysterious Secret Gardens) this ad is simply commercial.

Does that mean that Dior’s sales will take a hit? Absolutely not. But when it comes down to creating a unique Dior universe that will reinforce the brand’s authenticity, well that will be a miss.

(4/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts)

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