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3/30 Carine Roitfeld or The Irreverent Mademoiselle C

September 3, 2013


September is definitely the biggest month of the season. It’s probably one of the only periods where Vogue is allowed to be fat (latest issue was 902 pages) unlike those skinny models that will be showcasing the best of the season to come. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real fashion month without Carine Roitfeld.

A documentary (trailer below) dedicated to the most irreverent girl of Vogue Paris to date (or shall  we say lady, after all she’s 58yo) will be premiering next week revealing a glimpse of whatever happens behind those very exclusive closed doors.

Mademoiselle C redefined the fashion industry and went beyond any kind of taboos and convention (unlike Emmanuelle Alt‘s less daring take so far) with her ever so provocative editorials (who could forget the gory Eva Herzigova’s take of The Butcher, the nudes of Kate, Lara or even Lea T, the transgender who ruled in Givenchy). Of course, Carine’s influence goes beyond glossy pages. She was the one that discovered Andrej Pejic, by just adding “Put him in Fendi”, inspired and styled endless campaigns (currently starring in Givenchy next to her daughter) and even made her very own magazine after her epic Vogue exit.

Love her or hate her, this enfant (mademoiselle) terrible is far from quitting and this documentary seems to be a roaring proof that with or without Vogue, her influence will always be irreverently now.

The trailer:

The first 5 minutes of the film:

(3/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts)

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