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2/30 Lady Gaga & The Deconstruction of An (art)Pop Icon

September 2, 2013


Opening for the iTunes festival, Lady Gaga did indeed give us a very gaga performance. The marketing mix for her little monsters was always there: a hint of electric sounds, a bit of personal and emotional confessions, a touch of cheesy yet addictive lyrics and a lot of fake hair. Of course, this time around, neither her hair (nor her Botticceli inspired realness) were the main focus.

She invited us to applaude the marriage of pop and art since they do after all belong together. Songs varied in themes and musical intrigue from her very promising Manicured, her electro Swine, to a Niggas in Paris inpired Jewels&Drugs  and a more déjà vu, on the verge of Minogue banal Sex Dreams.

This season, Gaga is all about art and the interaction with music. Of course, whenever art is put on the table, whether for the sake of money or fame (see Marina Abramovic’s recent school, or any piece of art by Damien Hirst), it always tends to receive more critique than real applause. All in all, although she’s still quite far from being called a modern day artist with a capital A, she’s a performer with a capital P. And for that, she still deserves another round of Applause.

(2/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts)

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