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1/30 Rebels without Cause & The Rise of AnarChic

September 1, 2013


This Fall, Go rebel: A message that came across loud and clear throughout all the excessively sizeable September issues. Yes, blame it on Slimane’s take on Saint Laurent and his grunge c’est chic runway looks. All previous critiques on the lack of vision for his latest show are suddenly replaced by an army of red and black tartan, ripped stockings and an overall attitude that makes Courtney Love the Queen of them all.  Who said that Anja, Freja, or even Daria can’t be rebels?

However there is something quite disturbing yet fascinating about the power of fashion to strip down any kind of cultural or political movement, such as anarchy or punk, into ready to wear meaningless spreads in Vogue.  After all, we live in an era where image will always win over substance. Although something tells me that identifying the true rebels among this season’s fashionistas will be as hard and pointless as matching Courtney Love with pure regal elegance. For all the rest, God Save the Tartan.

(1/30: Part of The September Issue project: 30 days, 30 posts)

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