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Why Coppola’s Bling Ring won’t Ring your Bell

June 22, 2013



The latest film by Sofia Coppola follows a gang of hopeless teenagers and their delirious obsession with celebrity culture in the city of dreams. Although based on a true story, this film comes across as a mocumentary, presenting a real series of events in the dreamy style that Coppola is known for. However, unlike her other films, where everyday scenes (see the wii scene in Somewhere or any scene from the iconic Lost in Translation) are instantly elevated to a form of art thanks to her charismatic eye, this time around these scenes are rare and almost non existent. The fascinating extravaganza as depicted in Marie Antoinette is replaced by a quite pedestrian taste of Paris Hilton closet, leaving no room for any aspiration. in the Bling Ring, the void found in the plot or in the one dimensional characters stays a void, with no artistic transformation. As a result, the movie ends up feeling dated as it talks about celebrity culture and those troubled young ones in a very cliche way. At the end, the viewer does realize that unfortunately this kind of celebrity drug is a visceral part of the whole society, from the parents to the press and school. Maybe Sofia was so involved in trying to capture the spirit of these kids, that ended up being another victim of their superficial bling bling.


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