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Sleep no More : A sleepless review

June 20, 2013


Somewhere between sleepless NYC summer nights and endless shopping sprees, this performance, that has become the talk of the town in artistic and other milieux, became a Saturday night obsession. Theoretically a modern interpretation of one of the most iconic yet darkest of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, presented in a hotel that’s filled with scattered acts and a thirsty for more crowd. Although the setting was done to the very last detail often conveying a quite daunting atmosphere (see Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut) and the actors giving a very promising performance for the most part, this act felt overall a bit staged, flirting occasionally with an amusement horror ride straight out of DIsney. Any dramatic emotion or message got lost in the abundance of theatricality found in over exaggerated effort to impress, leaving the viewer with no other emotion than fatigue from chasing those actors around all night. However, the most important and fascinating part that made this worth it was the role of the viewer and most importantly the voyeurist feeling that it revealed in all of us hiding behind the anonymous white masks.

All in all, Sleep no More won’t give you the answer to Macbeth, but Look no Futher than the public, cause it’s them the real and most intriguing part of this event. Human nature, sans fards.

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