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What’s so Great, Gatsby? A film review

May 26, 2013


Visually excessive and theatrically charged, Buzz Luhrmahn’s adaptation of one of the most iconic books of American litterature felt more like a really bad hangover the day after a really good party. Any subtelties that made Mr Fittzgerald’s book an example of modern art, were replaced by overtly saturated visuals that lacked (for the most part) that little je ne sais quoi that makes a film worth it. DiCaprio, though convincing at times, (see confrontation scene towards the end) often came across as a carricature of this mysterious bon viveur. However this film is indeed noteworthy for 2 things: primarily, a great music composition with tracks of very now artists and secondly, a living proof that when Hollywood revisits great classics it’s usually a hit with the masses but a miss with the arts.

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