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Spring Breakers or the Breakdown of the American Dream

March 12, 2013


The all american sweethearts have officially grown up (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Pretty little liar main star Ashley Benso) on this Korine film that deals with what often stigmatizes the lives of the american teenagers: the culture of “spring break”. Visually stunning, a film that successfully combines elements of video gaming, soft porn and neon colors to narrate the story of 4 american girls in their teenage crisis, caught somewhere between the end of innocence and the beginning of the absolute mal (perfectly captured in the Britney  Spears scene).  As this film suggests, springbreak is often the perfect form of escapism that we all seek in one form or another (call it drugs, call it shopping, call it exotic journeys). However what happens when this “break” from reality becomes too permanent?

This movie, though limited in real caracter development or intriguing plot (after all the director gives us clues of the ending way earlier) manages to question the substance of the american dream and expose its futile nature. For some it is the notion of absolute power (see James Franco), while for others a simple LA trip away,  yet all with the same expiration date.

In its effort to caricaturize our overconsumerist, superfluous society that many teenagers represent and assume today, the film ends up almost idolizing those behaviors and elevates these girls to real contemporary icons. Have we officially reached the age of un-innocence?



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