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Saint Laurent or The Demise of Couture

March 4, 2013


Dropping the Yves might have been a fresh new start for the otherwise visionary Slimane who made Dior Homme cool again with his ultra skinny boy toys, however one couldn’t help but wonder: what happens when Couture itself is dropped in the name of mass market fantasies?

Last season, Slimane sucessfully revisited some YSL classic references with a modern yet commercial twist (blame it on the hats, who was not to love?) With an ad campaign reminiscent of Zadig & Voltaire, Slimane gave us what he knows best: black&white set, tattoed loving girls delicately wrapped in a very rock aesthetic.

However, this season he did it again. Undoubtedly, this time around, the YSL girl dropped the hat yet not the attitude and gave us punk.

Overall, instead of old plein yet safe  Zara, this collection came more or less across as Primark. And in an era where true fashion aficionados are more and more obsessing over tailor made, distinctly chosen garments, something tells me that selling a cheap look, will probably fail selling expensive outfits.


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