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Rewriting the Rules of Literature: 50 Shades Hornier

July 6, 2012

You know you are looking at a cultural phenomenon, when people turn to reading as a form of artistic/orgasmic escape, neologisms galore (mummyporn anyone?) newspapers (see DailyMail, the Independent) talk about a potential baby boom provoked by this erotic novel and Hollywood is insatiably searching for the perfect Christian Grey.

In literature terms, the narration is one dimensional, the vocabulary is repetitive (how many times can one cock his head?) and the plot is underdeveloped, the raunchy scenes being somewhat of a highlight throughout the book and of my dull day in rainy Paris..

HOWEVER, the book, written by a middle aged by a Twilight fan, hits the nail on the head. 50 Shades of Grey represents the perfect opportunity to rekindle the lust that has been quite lethargic over the past few years of economic and cultural crisis, a lust that has been saturated and overtly exposed. If anything, 50 Shades of Grey manages to expose another, much more scarier shade of lust: that of pure, animalistic desire that one finds in all humans. And if a book can have such a strong aphrodisiac effect whether on menopausal women, single girls or even men, then we are talking huge commercial success. The moral of this story, if any? Put down the book and go and have sex.

Laters, baby.

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