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Milan Fashion Week: Go Bold or Go Home

June 24, 2012

Somewhere between hectically searching for a flat in Paris and a bad hangover, Milan showcased the future of men’s fashion, otherwise known as Spring 2013. Undoubtedly, 2 shows managed to stand out: Bailey’s Burberry Prorsum and Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana. 2 major fashion houses, 2 completely opposite approaches.

For their show, the D&G duo decided to stick to their roots like never before. Forget 6 packs, Norwegian and other continental beauties strolling down the runway, this season was all about serving Sicilian realness, with non models of all ages. The collection felt authentic, emotional and family friendly. Very down to earth and different from before. However, to what extent will fashion freaks respond? After all, isn’t the power of fantasy and magic still crucial for the irrational devotion to luxury? With some of the clothes looking less dazzling on those people, one might ask: when does reality get all too real?

Bailey on the other hand decided to forget about the past and look into the future with a sartorial twist. And in this Burberry collection, the future looked bright (a bit too bright at times) with colour metallics dominating the catwalk (a tendency also seen in the Versace show). Some elements fitted right in, while others (metallic sandals with black socks) seemed quite alien to the sophistication Bailey has otherwise excelled in.

So the question remains, when it comes to branding for fashion, to stick or not to stick to one’s roots? The answer, as everything else in life, is not clearcut. What is certain is that in our society, impression prevails. So whatever you choose to do remember one thing: Bold is the future.

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