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Marc Jacobs: Capturing the Zeitgeist

June 11, 2012

Though quite small, the exposition Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs at the Arts Décoratifs successfully captures the  long lasting, undoubtedly successful marriage between two pioneering spirits: Louis Vuitton standing for everything traditionally elegant and exclusively ostentatious, with Marc Jacobs, representing the American culture, this great melange of everything. A wall of inspiration, like a life form Tumblr allows us to take a look into Marc’s world: from fetish videos, Vivienne Westwood and Valley of the Dolls, to Bob Squarepants and even muscle men (after all who would forget his complete makeover that was extensively discussed in Arena Homme back in 2007).

However what really stands out in this exhibition is the outmost wit found in the way collections are showcased. Whether using funny titles (see Cage Moss), new ways of interaction (the Peepshow wall has a voyeurist aesthetic that matches beautifully our indiscrete obsession with fashion) or plain odd mechanics (the clockwork leg structure), Marc and the curator in charge have obviously thought this one through.

Even if some of his aesthetics come to full contradiction with the elegance of Louis Vuitton, what is great about Marc is his daring vision to embrace this mix and match of cultures to make something new and different. It is up to you to decide whether it is always beautiful or beautifully plain odd.


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