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The Snow White Syndrome

June 3, 2012

The Disney all time favourite Snow White was the source of inspiration for the latest Hollywood blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman. Only this time around, this princess (played by the typically lethargic Kristen Stewart) is not a passive victim of conniving plans or nepotism waiting for yet another effeminate prince to rescue her. Today’s Snow White is here to fight the fight  and fall for the bad boy. Of course, staying true to the original concept, the Evil Queen (a character perfectly portrayed by Charlize Theron) is the representation of all evil: the incontestable obsession with youth.

Undoubtedly, one should question who is a better representation of today’s woman: The beauty obsessed, botox intense, image narcissist or the fighter, Jeanne d’Arc inspired urban woman who is naturally beautiful and is not scared to have her heart broken by that bad boy. After all, in our image bound society, the evil queen seems more like the girl next door, as she shares some of the same phobias with the majority of women. However, in reality wouldn’t both characters fall a bit short? Maybe that’s the problem with fiction. The representation ends up being nothing more than a simple caricature of life, or does it?

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