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Those Terrible (Twenty) Twos

March 19, 2012

Yes, it’s official. The day has come when i’m no longer part of those 21 year old cool kids anymore. Many do get scared of ageing, after all 22 it’s a whole new age box (22-30) where you stop being a teenager (cause let’s face it: in our image obsessed society youth is never-ending- or is it?). And thus those twenty twos become terrible. Decisions seem to be seeking the whole of your attention, from choosing the right job or at least a job, to choosing an overall attitude in life (are you an optimist or a pessimist?)

But 22 should also be the age that you should stop trying to define everything. The perfect living fantasy is over, life is not a black and white movie on tv . Sometimes it can be grey but sometimes it can be the most colourful of all. So for those days where the sun seems to be brighter than ever take a moment. And take it all in. Cause honey, we re not getting any younger but we sure as hell become wiser. Or that’s what we are hoping for.

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