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When Gaultier Went Back to Amy’s Black

January 27, 2012

In an era where change seems to be the order of the day, icons become something of a temporary boost of fashion. Not after Amy Winehouse was long gone, Jean Paul Gaultier chose to do an homage to her and her style for his latest couture show.

An extraordinary agent provocateur who also was the first to bring to light Andrej Pejic, Mr Gaultier has stirred up the press once again. The models, from Karlie Kloss to Alana Zimmel and to Frida Gustavsson were channeling the attitude, the beehive and the fashion choices (often on the verge of kitsch) of Miss Winehouse, while the background musicians were as if taken directly from the artist’s band.  For the finale? A row of models covered in veils in mourning mood.

Blasphemy or inspiration? Well, once a victim of our times, we all end up nothing but images to be used and exposed losing all kind of sacred aura about us. Personally, his decision was not as much shocking as repetitive. The father of fashion Mr Karl Lagerfeld had chosen Miss Winehouse as his muse some seasons ago, making Gaultier’s show look nothing more than a bad caricature.

Forget about what’s sacred. It’s outlasting creativity that counts and he missed the mark there.


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