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Madonna’s W.E. is far from Wonderfully Epic

January 27, 2012

What does W.E. stand for? Certainly not for a Wonderfully Epic film. Overall, Madonna’s direction was sufficient for the most part, however her immaturity as a director is found in the over zoomed plans and real camera moments that were occasionally used throughout the movie. Interestingly enough there was nothing real or original about this film. Unlike the masterpiece The Hours by Steven Daldry, where the link between the past and the present is so poetically executed, W.E.’s viewer struggles to understand where the real connection between the two women portrayed exists. Additionally, there was nothing suggesting a true love representation, since there was no real emotional development in either sides of the story. Ironically enough, the modern day character felt more suppressed than the one of the past and seemed carried away by a frivolous identity crisis that was never further explored. Apart from the costumes and the excellent settings, the film fell flat.  After W.E. Madonna should definitely think twice before calling Gaga’s music ‘reductive’. The only thing reductive was the way the film execution was handled. Madonna: for once more, stick to what you are actually good at, creating entertaining music for the masses.

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