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Thom Browne or the Battle of the Stereotypes

January 23, 2012

Just like in the latest Thom Browne fashion show, within a man’s world constructed by stereotypes, one finds the Punks and the Jocks. Supposedly the Punks are the rebels and the Jocks are the victims of the times, obsessed with more and more muscle as a way of tackling their constant insecurity. However how true is this? Rebels, in their effort to create some kind of ¬†revolution that will reverse the social order end up becoming the worst type of conformists: The fashion victims of just another fad that celebrates tightness and spikes in the same way that an escort does on her usual friday night shift.

For all we know, the ones end up being as much of a victim as the others: the victims of one of the best entertainers in the fashion industry, the talented Mr Browne.

Especially obsessed with all the head accessories:

And some looks:

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