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Shame: A film review.

January 20, 2012

What are u ashamed of? Has modern life become a cliché where the sequestration of experience is a given fact and you can only realise your experience through constant sexual gratification? Are you even able to form real relationships with others?

These are some of the questions that Steve McQueen’s movie made me think of while watching his latest masterpiece. The elongated scenes together with the awkward moments between the characters just add to the rawness of the situation. The director is presenting the protagonist’s life by following some of his adventures and even some of his emotional breakdowns which tend to happen at a non conscious level. The beauty of this film lies in the fact that sex is not used as the tool to create further provocation, just like Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell, but as a backdrop to the emotional tensions that Micheal Fassbender goes through. The best scene is actually where Carrey Mulligan sings the legendary New York New York. Even if some scenes felt redundant, Shame is a movie that is definitely thought provoking enough and is worth seeing. If not for McQueen, then for the main actor Michael Fassbender who is excellent at portraying a modern yet faceless sex addict.

Talented Mr Fassbender for the latest cover of Hollywood reporter:

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  1. January 21, 2012 21:08

    Ok, need to watch that!! miss our movie night 😉

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