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Prada and the New Male?

January 16, 2012

A parody of the male power. That is how Miuccia Prada decided to describe her latest runway collection. And just like that, the runway show soon turned into a criticism on how clothes supposedly offer men power and status. Denim and materials such as cotton instead of mohair were used to reconstruct male assertiveness in a very new and thought provoking way.  But that wasn’t enough. Hollywood was the first to be used with Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe, Tim Roth, Adrien Brody and Gary Oldman to strut their stuff in this homage to the new male reality. A marketing idea very similar to the SATC episode where Carrie Bradshaw was walked over by Heidi Klum.

However this suggested notion of appearance over essence directly accepts that the days where men were running the world are long gone. The irony of it all is that even though her clothes are being used as her medium of expression against superficiality, they will end up becoming the medium that those male, pretentious consumers will use to redefine their status. Undoubtedly, Prada is smart. Smart enough to make people believe in her brand.


And models:

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